Innovative 3D Implants

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Personalized, bioresorbable implants 3D printed with bone-forming biomaterials for solid bone tissue regeneration.


  • 1

    Resorbability of the implant - bone regeneration

  • 2

    Individually designed and fitted with 3D technology, guaranteeing an optimal fit

  • 3

    #1 surgery - augmentation only

  • 4

    Unlimited, preoperational prototyping can be done in advance

  • 5

    No risk of implant resorption without bone regeneration

  • 6

    Reducing the duration of the procedure to a minimum

  • 7

    No need to adjust the implant in the operating room

Who is it for?

  • 1

    Patients with any type of bone defect requiring bone grafting

  • 2

    Application in neurosurgery, orthopedics, oncological surgery, aesthetic surgery, dentistry

  • 3

    Ideal solution for the doctor to reduce the procedure time



With Cyberbone a new era of personalised tissue engineering treatments is emerging. By utilizing geometric reconstruction of bone outlines in 3D, we can achieve a perfect representation of the shape corresponding to the anatomy of the defect from the visualization of CT and MRI data during implant design.The customization of the implant facilitates the proper performance of surgical restorations of defects in bone tissue, a feature not guaranteed by standardized medical materials available commercially.

The shape of the implant, type of fixation elements, expected strength parameters for the transmission of loads - all are consulted at the design stage with the doctor who will perform the surgery. Ahead of the procedure, the doctor is provided with a prototype 3D print of the implant for evaluation. In case of any concerns raised, the implant undergoes redesigning to adhere to the updated guidelines.


The manufacturing stage uses state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions for biocompatible, biodegradable and bioresorbable materials. Combined with the design model used, this allows for synergistic effects of increased capability as well as quality and efficiency of the overall machining process. A technology has been developed to make a 3D laminate, a print reinforced with biocompatible fibers that provide several times the strength. Cyberbone has developed a novel filament for customized implants based on bioresorbable polymers. We offer prompt delivery of individually tailored bone and bone tissue implants, including long bones, facial skeleton parts, mandible or vertebrae segments, and even entire mandibles or vertebrae. These implants are made from biocompatible materials, including bioresorbable substances, using advanced 3D printing technology with specialized bone-forming filaments. Our custom medical devices are developed utilizing automated diagnostic imaging (such as computed tomography) under the guidance of a physician-operator. We employ Mimics software and Geomagic Freeform Plus haptic design tools to ensure precise fitting of the implant to the defect site, streamlining the surgeon’s workflow, even in smaller healthcare facilities. With our technology, surgeons are relieved from the need to manipulate materials or implants during surgery, thereby reducing preoperative and postoperative time, as well as the risks of surgical and postoperative complications, ultimately leading to cost savings.


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